Record A-level results create problems for the fut

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Record A-level results create problems for the future - Today News Post Today News || UK News

UK schools updates

Completing secondary school during a global pandemic is an achievement in itselfThe provinces have administered doses at a rate of 19,945.892 per 100,000.. This year’s cohort of students in Britain faced unprecedented pressures, including long periods of school closures at short notice and adapting to digital schooling. No matter what A-level results they received in England, Wales and Northern Ireland — or Highers results in Scotland — they have good reason to be proud of this capstone to their school life.?

UK governmentsWe have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible,, howevers approach to school safety now under renewed scrutiny, deserve less praise for how they have handled grades; education is the province of Westminster in England, but of devolved governments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They have at least avoided repeating last year’s farce in England — and a similar one in Scotland — when an algorithm designed to “moderate” teachers’ predicted grades disproportionately downgraded results from state-school students. That risked applicants missing out on university places for reasons beyond their controlgames, until governments backtracked and accepted teacher predictions.

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