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Weichai releases construction machinery L "sharp power" products

Chinese industrial machinery information that its grade meets the VDA 278 (atomization) and VDA 270 (odor) test standards

following the branch of agricultural equipment, truck and bus power, on November 27, the construction machinery branch of Weichai 2016 power product upgrading technology seminar arrived as scheduled, and witnessed by the representatives of OEMs and dealers, The new "sharp power" products of off-road three-stage construction machinery wp2.7, wp3.2, WP3, wp4.1 were released, further improving the power product chain of Weichai off-road three-stage construction machinery

Weichai cordially invited Linde hydraulic, kaiaobaoli, XCMG group, Tai'an Luyue and other well-known construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad to jointly unveil the new "sharp power" of non road three-stage construction machinery. Once the new product was unveiled, it attracted the attention of many guests

"sharp power", the "killer mace" of small construction machinery power

Weichai off-road three-stage construction machinery L "sharp power" products, which took 4 years of new design and development, condenses Weichai's nearly 70 years of engine technology accumulation, and is Weichai's "killer mace" for developing the small horsepower Market of construction machinery. This cutting-edge work not only meets the latest national requirements in emission upgrading, but also a great leap in performance and quality, redefines the new standard of small construction machinery market power, and leads the development direction of small power in China's construction machinery industry

relying on Weichai's "five countries and ten places" R & D resources, the reliability, power, economy and NVH of "sharp power" have been significantly improved, and it has made outstanding performance in the trial and matching of forklifts, skidders, aerial work platforms, small loaders, rollers and other fields

in terms of reliability, Weichai designed and developed "sharp power" according to the standard of heavy-duty diesel engine B10 life of 20000 hours. The price of all base metals and precious metals was still difficult to improve in 2014. With cylinder liners, through the strengthening of the body, cylinder head, connecting rod and crankshaft, the explosion pressure easily reached 16MPa; Constantly optimize the friction pair, oil pump and oil cooler to improve the oil pressure and reduce the oil temperature, so as to realize the good operation of the lubrication system; Relying on the supplier system of selecting the best from the best, Bosch common rail system, Bosch urea injection system, Borg Warner supercharger, silicone oil fan, petrel starter, silver wheel cooler, etc. are configured to ensure the high quality of parts

in terms of power performance, "sharp power" continues the traditional advantages of Weichai Power products of "high torque, high speed and high power". The full map torque is significantly higher than that of competitive products, and the maximum high torque is 7% higher than that of competitive products, with a wider range of torque and speed

in terms of economy, through combustion optimization, the best matching of superchargers, and the continuous improvement of applications such as thermostat and accelerator pedal, the fuel consumption rate of "sharp power" is g/kwh lower than that of competitors

in terms of NVH, the use of large air volume noise reduction fans, silencing superchargers, noise reduction cylinder head covers and other accessories, as well as the continuous optimization of combustion noise and mechanical noise, make "sharp power" have outstanding NVH performance while the torque is higher than that of competitive products. When Weichai wp4.1 was applied in trucks, it was praised as "the quietest engine" by customers

Weichai is full of construction machinery power, redefining the new standard of "reliability"

this technical seminar not only brings new cutting-edge work - "sharp power" to customers, but also interprets the technology and quality improvement of its full series of construction machinery power. Among them, reliability and independent electronic control have become the biggest highlights of the 2016 Weichai construction machinery power technology upgrading

as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Weichai has a share of more than half of the sub markets such as loaders and bulldozers, and has made considerable progress in the strategic markets such as forklifts, excavators and road machinery. In the future, with the maturity of the product chain, the enterprise will also focus on breaking through the market segments of high-power bulldozers, small construction machinery, a full range of cranes, concrete machinery, piling machinery, port machinery and environmental sanitation machinery, so as to truly realize the market pattern of "full series and all fields"

the most stringent reliability design and manufacturing standards in the industry are the important factors that support Weichai to continuously obtain customer recognition and move towards "full series and full fields". On October 14, with the rapid economic development, Weichai internal combustion engine reliability key laboratory was officially shortlisted as the State Key Laboratory of enterprises. In the field of internal combustion engine research, only Tianjin University and Weichai have state key laboratories. Relying on strong R & D resources, "high reliability" has been the most beautiful business card of Weichai products for more than a decade, and it is also the differentiation advantage of Weichai compared with other enterprises. In the non road three-stage construction machinery power products, Weichai will give full play to "high reliability"

the B10 life of the whole series of three-stage construction machinery products reaches 20000 hours (about 1.2 million kilometers), far exceeding the level of peers; The oil change cycle of 500 hours is realized, which reduces the use cost of customers and improves the competitiveness of products; At the same time of ensuring reliability, NVH will be greatly improved, giving customers a more comfortable driving feeling and guiding the industry to be high-end

at the same time, the power of Weichai non road three-stage construction machinery adopts high-pressure common rail technology and is equipped with Weichai independent ECU as standard. According to the characteristics of different market segments, it can realize accurate customized supporting applications to ensure that the engine and the whole machine can easily play their best state. In addition, Weichai's accumulation in the field of electronic control technology for more than ten years and huge after-sales service resources are enough to make customers feel at ease and use their unique molds and production processes

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