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On the afternoon of August 19, Weichai Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Hefei Baiyun environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. held a "ten years, we are together" Weichai Shengda block product tour promotion conference in Hefei. Due to its close relationship with people's lives, nearly 40 leaders and user representatives from the provincial Environmental sanitation system attended the conference. In order to further enhance users' trust and understanding of Weichai Shengda brick products, strengthen the confidence of long-term cooperation with the company, and enhance the influence and popularity of Weichai Shengda brand, Weichai Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Hefei Baiyun sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. jointly held a national tour promotion conference of Weichai Shengda brick products in Hefei for ten years on the afternoon of August 19, Nearly 40 leaders and user representatives from the provincial sanitation system attended the meeting

on the scene of the meeting, the staff introduced the working principle, product characteristics and advantages of Weichai Shengda environmental sanitation vehicle, the treatment effect of environmental sanitation vehicle in different environments, and the response of the product in Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Weifang and other markets to the guests through videos, PPT demonstrations and other means. In order to let the guests have a more intuitive understanding of the products, the three road washing and sweeping vehicles provided by the manufacturer demonstrated the cleaning operation on the roads mixed with sewage, sludge, stones and bricks. The guests also inquired and understood in detail about the mode and method of vehicle use, power, after-sales service and price

this promotion has deepened users' and dealers' understanding and confidence in Weichai Shengda products, and laid a good foundation for environmental sanitation vehicles to expand sales channels and improve corporate brands. It is reported that Weichai Shengda has a history of more than 50 years of research, development and production of special-purpose vehicles. It is a designated manufacturer of key special-purpose vehicles in the Ministry of communications and Jiangsu Province, a backbone enterprise of the national torch plan, and a national high-tech enterprise

Wu Dengfeng, general manager of Hefei Baiyun

Guan Bing, manager of Weichai Shengda region

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