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Gemalto improves cloud, hybrid and local data storage deployment data security through NetApp

the integration of Gemalto SafeNet keysecure with NetApp can provide centralized key management for thousands of volumes across multiple clusters

Gemalto (Euronext NL GTO), the global leader in digital security, today announced that SafeNet keysecure has been verified, Available with the latest version of NetApp volume encryption (NVE) data management solutions. Therefore, NetApp customers do not need to encrypt the entire disk drive; They can choose to succeed in fine-grained encryption at the data volume level without additional cost to purchase self encrypting drives (SED), while retaining the significant advantages of centralized key management and access control, better compliance, and high availability

data confidentiality and data security are still the focus of the organization. In particular, there are such requirements in industry compliance standards such as the U.S. health standard (HIPAA) or payment card standard (PCI-DSS) and the European Union's general data protection regulation (gdpr). SafeNet keysecure enables the centralization of encryption processing, security policy and key management. At the same time, it allows NetApp customers to store and manage encryption keys in a centralized and separate manner, and separate them from encrypted data to ensure security and improve compliance

Todd Moore, senior vice president of jinyatuo encryption products, said: data has become one of the most valuable assets of the organization, but like any other valuable thing, criminals are also determined to get involved in it. As laws (such as gdpr, which will take effect in May, etc.) force the company to disclose data leakage, the organization will have nothing to hide. The increased attention means that they must find a way to control who can access their data and ensure that the necessary tools are invested to protect the data

jinyatuo SafeNet keysecure solution is based on the method that NetApp D should always clean ATA fabric software at the jaw. This method simplifies and integrates composite materials with poor interface between fiber and matrix, which will show low strength and stiffness. Cloud and local data management will accelerate digital transformation. In addition to more granular data encryption and separate key storage, customers can freely choose any storage medium, with flexible deployment options, audit tracking, separation of responsibilities and ecosystem support

deepak visweswaraiah, senior vice president of NetApp manageability products and solutions, said: the NetApp alliance partner program enables us to work with the best and most promising companies in the industry to meet the storage and data infrastructure needs of today's complex enterprise environments. By partnering with global leaders in digital security, we can now reassure our customers about the security and compliance of their data

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