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Jinwande: combine once and never separate, do a good job of "Chinese brand" with German quality.

jinwande: combine once and never separate, do a good job of "Chinese brand" with German quality.

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be sincere and open to gold and stone

unite as one, unite as one

a just cause has more help than an unjust cause

-- the German craftsman spirit of jinwande is the focus of "holding your breath and paying the paperwork with both hands". First, the enterprise adheres to the principle of "specialized in technology and industry". According to statistics, there are more than 1500 "invisible champions" in specific fields in Germany, accounting for half of the world. These enterprises grasp the "gap market" of the industry, devote themselves to deep cultivation, and become "leaders" in their respective fields with small and broad scale. Although they are unknown, they have 70% or even 100% of the global market share, which can be described as "great music has the faintest notes, great form Is beyond shape invisible"; Second, craftsmen have "professional temperament". Many German craftsmen have a consistent love for their profession and a pursuit of perfection in their products. They are conscientious and painstaking, trying to achieve a perfect leap from 99% to 99.99%. In Guangdong jinwande adhesive Co., Ltd., we read the same persistence and persistence

Entrepreneurship: "stick to quality, abide by reputation, and let partners earn more!"

if Lin Dingyu, the founder of Guangdong jinwande adhesive Co., Ltd., was not idle at home and his life became more and more difficult, he might choose a different direction in his life... In 1986, Lin Dingyu, who was nearly 30 years old, was laid off from the closed and dissolved village collective enterprise. Together with his younger brother Lin Xiong, he made the first bucket of 107 universal testing machine CPLD design and operation problem glue at the roadside of his hometown, relying on the technology of the original collective coating factory, In this way, they have been sold to various distribution outlets in Rongcheng for 30 years

this is a typical Chaoshan businessman, known as the "Jew of the East", who seems to have an inborn business gene and blood. The business tradition handed down for hundreds of years is writing legends one after another. Despite being in a traditional and highly competitive industry and facing the market challenges of small profits and difficulties, the Lin brothers, who respect the German manufacturing spirit, still go against the current and break their own ground with the tenacity and courage of Chaozhou merchants

looking back on the adhesive product manufacturing of Lin brothers for decades, they always adhere to the production principle of "product quality first" and the corporate goal of building a "Chinese brand" with German quality, so that jinwande decorative glue has become a "treasure" in the hands of construction masters in eastern Guangdong and even all over the country. The single product has become famous in the industry and sold well at home and abroad

adhering to the principle of honest management and quality, jinwande has continuously introduced foreign advanced production equipment and management experience, improved the quality assurance system, and standardized the management with a strict inspection system from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. With leading product quality and market reputation, "jinwande" has been awarded the title of "quality trustworthy" by the Provincial Bureau of technical supervision, the title of "3.15 consumer trustworthy product" by the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, the title of "recommended product" by the China Adhesive Industry Association, and has passed the China environmental label certification. It has been awarded the "national advanced unit for quality management compliance" by the Ministry of agriculture, Jieyang Municipal People's government has awarded dozens of honors, such as "private science and technology enterprise", "Guangdong private science and technology enterprise", and Guangdong famous trademark. In addition, "jinwande" attaches great importance to long-term cooperation with relevant institutions and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. Through the combination of production, learning and research, it continuously introduces high and new technologies to ensure that product innovation always leads the market

business keeping: "pleasing customers with low prices is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. Only being a brand is a long-term solution!"

as the upsurge of China's consumption upgrading continues to heat up, enterprises or brands that used to only think about products and only do traditional sales without innovation are gradually beginning to feel heavy pressure. Product homogeneity, price transparency and poor corporate image are the root causes of the intense market competition. Throughout China's building materials and home furnishing market, there are countless adhesive enterprises. Why can "jinwande" gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition and win wide recognition and favor from consumers? In the final analysis, it is the excellent product quality and brand influence

it is not difficult to find that in addition to striving for perfection in products, brand building has always been an important direction of enterprise development on the road of "jinwande". It is reported that in 1995, after ten years of hard work, the sales performance of jinwande was small, but the low-end vicious competition made the company's prospects not optimistic. During the communication with a dealer friend, Mr. Lin realized that blindly reducing the standard and reducing the cost to please customers at a low price was tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. The only long-term solution was to be a brand. The "jinwande" brand came into being. At the same time, a marketing headquarters was established. Eastern Guangdong invested in the "half hour" advertising of radio stations, and Fujian, Jiangxi Nanchang, Wuhan and other places invested in a large number of public vehicle advertising. Jinwande's corporate brand influence gradually gained popularity. In 2000, Guangdong jinwande adhesive Co., Ltd. was officially established as one of the seven tissue engineering products approved by FDA, laying a solid foundation for future brand image integration and large-scale development. During this period, Mr. Lin also visited Germany for many times. In particular, 7. The table shows that the compression curve, force value and automatically converted MPa value of each test block have maintained close communication and cooperation with the counterparts in Cologne chemical industry, and introduced the Chinese market in detail to the German counterparts. However, the beam of tensile testing machine has not been innovated and developed in terms of mobile thinking and product services, making "jinwande" stable in the market and well-known at home and abroad

"an enterprise has no future without a brand." Today, "jinwande" brand has become the embodiment of the core values of products and enterprises, the guarantee of quality and reputation, and an intangible wealth. Whether in product development and production, or in brand distribution, it has unspeakable advantages over traditional adhesive enterprises. Today, "jinwande" series adhesive products enjoy a high reputation in the domestic building materials market with a brand-new formula experience, and have become a "star brand" widely respected by consumers

only by maintaining the innovative power of brands and products, and embracing the new era and new trends while adhering to quality, can we maintain our foundation. Like many Chaoshan businessmen, inheriting family business is a "lifelong plan". Jinwande, which aspires to be a century old enterprise, is now a "second generation successor". Taking over the "baton" of entrepreneurship from the hands of the parents, the "second generation jinwande" never forgets its original intention, continues to adhere to the strategy leading development, innovation driven development, value enhancing development, takes product quality and brand construction as the top priority of enterprise development, marches towards a more diversified, comprehensive and high-end brand, and continues to condense the brand vitality with ingenuity

industry spreading: "we only make one product in our life. The quality of jinwande gives us great confidence"

"thousands of workers are easy to meet, but one craftsman is hard to find". High quality artisans are the foundation of the development of China's manufacturing industry. The wheel of time has rolled over 30 years. During the 30 years of China's reform and opening up and social upheaval, "craftsman people" and jinwande have changed the lives of several generations through product and service innovation, making many beautiful dreams possible

it must be mentioned here that linxiong, the younger brother of Lin Dingyu, another founder of jinwande, is different from the prudence of ordinary Chaozhou businessmen. Lin Xiong is bold and unconstrained, and is recognized as an outstanding creative entrepreneur who is bold and courageous in the industry. Adhering to the "craftsman spirit", the second business division of jinwande, which he manages, has developed rapidly. The product categories have expanded their territory in East China and Northern China, and also have high industry popularity. "People ask me what is the key to a good sale of jinwande products? There is no shortcut without a key, that is, dedication, diligence, understanding of products, services and users. Only when the product quality is high, the brand keeps pace with the times, forge ahead and takes root in the market can we have more confidence."

as the agents who accompanied the brand of jinwande to grow and mature, zhengyinrui and zhengzhibing, the agents of Fuzhou jinwande, can be called "iron powder" of jinwande. They have been acting for jinwande to develop the product markets in Fuzhou and Northern Fujian for more than 30 years, and have always been the national annual performance champion of jinwande. Boss Zheng, who is kind and has a good reputation, said, "in Fujian, jinwande agency is a gold lettered signboard!" Since the beginning of reform and opening up, boss Zheng and his wife have promoted products on one construction site per bike. Now, their original jinwande white glue construction wall scraping technology has become a necessary designated product for construction masters in Northern Fujian. However, one of his Fuzhou dealers started to operate jinwande products from 200000, and his performance has increased tenfold in three years, which makes him feel more gratified

just because of the persistence and inheritance of the "craftsman spirit", the "jinwande wall scraping glue" has become the quality assurance for the medium and high-end building walls in the region. The "jinwande Fuzhou process application mode" created by President Zheng, together with the "Guangdong decorative glue mode" and "Yunnan white glue promotion mode" of Lin Dingyu's first business division, have become the three classic modes of jinwande brand

now, the family business created by Mr. and Mrs. Zheng has been passed on to the next generation. Looking back on the 30 years of knowing and cherishing Jin Wande, President Zheng frankly said: "This is mainly due to mutual trust, and we have established a deep and friendly relationship with jinwande. Over the past 30 years, jinwande has taken 'once combined, never separated' as its corporate service creed, and we have always taken 'once combined, never separated' as the soul of our corporate development. Our shared values are the main reason why we have been working together for 30 years. At the same time, we can't say the quality of jinwande's products. Even in the face of fierce market competition, we still have a lot to do Jinwande products are widely used by industrial units, and the market reputation and popularity are very good. In fact, it is rare to act as an agent for only one brand in my life, but since I have chosen it, I firmly believe that consistency and perseverance will pay off in the end. "

from generation to generation, today's jinwande has successfully transitioned to the second generation of successors, who shoulder the mission and important task of jinwande's second take-off. "Once combined, never separated", the opportunity is often left to those who are prepared. It is expected that in the next 30 years, Jinwan will continue to write a more brilliant chapter in the "craftsman spirit", contribute more valuable products and process models to market consumers, and make "jinwande white emulsion" a synonym for Chaoshan brand and a powerful witness of Chinese quality

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