The hottest gold jewelry can't be called 24 karat

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Full gold jewelry should not be called 24 karat gold. Be careful with the label of the 20th century. There is something fishy on the label

18k GOLD 925 sterling silver palladium platinum South African diamond. Citizens are not unfamiliar with these terms, but if the jewelry label says so, it is wrong, and consumers can take this to protect their rights

some gold stores in Nanping were fined for incorrect labels

it was learned from Fujian Gemstone Association that recently, Nanping industry and Commerce Department found some gold stores with incorrect labels in the local market inspection, and it is proposed to impose a fine of 0.5%~2% of the price on the wrong labels. In view of this situation, Fujian Gemstone Association urgently notified all gold stores to carry out self-examination, and any label error should be rectified immediately

what can go wrong in the name of jewelry? Baoxie experts said that the labels of jewelry products are wrong, mainly including disorderly labels, missing labels, hype concepts and so on. For example, jewelry with 75% gold content cannot be nominal 18K platinum or au750, but should be nominal gold au750 or gold 750. Jewelry with 99% gold content should be marked as gold au990, not 24 K gold or au990. Jadeite cannot be marked as natural jadeite, A-type jadeite cannot be marked as A-type jadeite or A-type jadeite, zircon should be marked as cubic zirconia, and diamond cannot be marked as South African diamond, Swiss diamond, Thai diamond, etc

experts say that there are strict standards for jewelry naming, and disorderly labels are unqualified products, so consumers can protect their rights. As for the model: WDL ⑴ 000, as the jewelry name is not standardized, it is easy to fall into the trap set by illegal jewelers

consumers need to be vigilant against the four greasy things

jewelry experts of the provincial treasure Association remind consumers that the naming of the four types of jewelry should be vigilant when buying jewelry:

1. Vague general terms, such as jade, topaz, olivine, etc., are collectively referred to as jade or jade, but the actual material of the product is not indicated

II. Be good at using jargon. For example, the painted surface of business names or jargon such as green ghost and Sunstone is flat and smooth on the product logo, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish

III. intentional omission, such as 18 K gold inlaid ring, which does not indicate the name of the inlaid gem, and the prices of different gemstones vary widely

IV. it is named after the place of origin. Generally, jewelry cannot be named after the place of origin. However, the so-called Nanyang Zhen anti clockwise rotating pearl and Tahiti black pearl are common. Such names include South African diamond, Colombian diamond, Swiss diamond, Thai diamond, etc. If it is a natural diamond, it generally does not indicate the origin, or it is marked as a natural diamond from South Africa

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