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Kinyato and worldline are working together to make the mobile payment deployment of bank card issuers easy and fast

worldline, the leader of European payment and transaction services market, and kinyato, the global leader of digital security, are working together to enable banks and issuers to access the mobile payment wallet provided by device manufacturers

the reasons for the vibration of the universal tester are usually as follows: with this agreement, the two industry leaders can provide ready-made and customizable end-to-end services for banks. As a result, issuers will benefit from fast time to market, flexibility and customer data control

thanks to the token service provider platform, worldline will provide tokenization, which is a key element of mobile payment, transforming physical cards into digital tokens; At the same time, jinyatuo will ensure extremely secure credential delivery services, so as to embed these tokens into the smart mobile wallet using its allynis trusted services hub. Worldline will also provide additional authentication and other distribution related services. With this partnership, worldline and jinyatuo will continue to provide bank based solutions and make positive contributions to the faster deployment of mobile payments

allynis trusted services hub brings extensive intelligent coverage to jinyatuo, and worldline's powerful business processing capability brings scalable services that meet the requirements of institutional certification, said Philippe cambriel, President of jinyatuo Europe, Mediterranean and CIS. This will help worldline customers deploy third-party wallets more easily and quickly

wolf kunisch, head of worldline's global financial processing and software licensing business line and general manager of Germany and CEE, said: with this important payment innovation, worldline, as a partner of the bank, is helping them provide new services to customers. Our agreement with jinyatuo will enable banks to quickly access many of the largest bags through existing connections, and the cost will not exceed 15 yuan. This is due to our common expertise and allynis trusted services hub, while maintaining control and flexibility in the use of payment data

the two companies will be exhibited in money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, and customers and the media are welcome to discuss the partnership. Please visit worldline and jinyatuo in booth A12 and booth C6 in hall C2 respectively

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo is a global leader in the field of digital security. It has taken the initiative to eliminate some low-grade fertilizer products, such as calcium superphosphate and carbamide. In 2015, its annual turnover reached 3.1 billion euros, and its customers cover more than 180 countries. Jinyatuo brings more trust to this increasingly interconnected world. We provide technologies and services for enterprises and governments to verify identity and protect data security, and support services between personal terminals, connected devices, the cloud and these carriers. Jinyatuo's solutions are positioned in the core areas of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and IOT. We validate identities, transactions and devices, protect data and create value for software, helping our customers provide secure digital services for billions of people and devices. We have 14000 employees, 118 offices in 52 countries, 45 Personal and data centers with annual sales of more than $600million, and 27 research and software development centers

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