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On November 12, CTI Forum (ctiforum) news (Fanyi): Euronext NL GTO, the global leader in the field of digital security, won a new sesame award at the 2012 smart card and identity technology industry exhibition industry conference with its printpixel security function

chendili, chief innovation and technology officer of jinyatuo, commented that this sesame award proves that we have the ability to develop innovative products and bring practical applications and practical benefits to service providers and end users. This is part of our consistent commitment to provide customers with pioneering solutions and help them maintain their leading position. These tangible security functions are always very efficient and convenient for border management office staff to inspect, Strengthen the protection of citizens


printpixel is a highly secure printing technology, "The pure water bottle can be recycled so that the color photos can be permanently implanted in the polycarbonate ID card. This extraordinary innovation uses laser engraving to penetrate the mark into the card body, making it more secure in creep experiments, without losing the quality of the color portrait. The traditional surface printing technology that applies the color portrait to the polycarbonate card is easy to be forged and worn, while printpixel retains the deep marking characteristics of gray-scale laser engraving And through the color function to improve, so as to overcome these limitations. Printpixel's performance is not limited by the card production process, providing greater flexibility for certificate personalization

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo (Pan European exchange code: NL GTO) is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with a turnover of 2billion euros in 2011 and more than 10000 employees worldwide. 74 offices and 14 R & D centers have been established in 43 countries

jinyatuo is positioned at the core of digital security innovation. Billions of people around the world increasingly need and expect to communicate with others, travel, shop, handle banking affairs, entertainment and work in a convenient, safe and pleasant way. Jinyatuo is committed to meeting people's growing demand for personal mobile services, identity protection, payment security, service authentication, cloud computing access, modern transportation, machine to machine (M2M) communication, e-health care and e-government

jinyatuo designs, develops and personalizes various security devices, and develops security software running on them. Jinyatuo manages the confidential data running in these devices and the services provided by these devices. Kinyato is committed to innovation and is committed to helping customers provide their end users with a more secure and convenient digital life

more and more people are interacting in the digital and wireless world through jinyatuo's software and security devices, and jinyatuo is booming

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