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Golden Dragon Futures: hard to break through, Shanghai Rubber rebounded or exhausted

on Thursday, as the international crude oil and gold prices continued to rise overnight, the domestic commodity futures market rose or fell in half. Shanghai zinc, Lianhua plastic, Shanghai fuel oil, Shanghai Rubber and other varieties actively echoed, leading the gains respectively. The international crude oil surged $120 under the pressure of the hurricane and Russia's geopolitics, giving long investors the confidence to review their dreams. However, The rebound strength of Shanghai Jiaotong has been shrinking recently; In comparison, agricultural products are more rational. Palm oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil still firmly occupy the top three positions in the green list of decline, and there is still a large downward space. The simulation period refers to the half flame and half sea water in the depressed market. The decline of the 809 contract accelerated, hitting a new low since its listing, with a drop of 1.75%, while the 812 contract has an optimistic prospect, rising slightly by 11 points to close at 3435.6 points, and is expected to rebound slightly in the future

on August 28, hj-811 can perfectly provide pre-treatment and post-treatment functions. It opened high and closed low at 23385 yuan/ton, up 110 points or 0.47%. Recently, the rebound of international crude oil has caused the oversold Tokyo Jiao and HJ to rebound. Since August 19, both Tokyo Jiao and HJ have increased by more than 10%. The rebound is relatively strong, but the closer they are to the previous market high, the greater the bull resistance is, and the upward pace of futures prices is gradually slowing down; It is worth noting that the spot price remains high. The average price of No. 5 standard glue quoted by chinarubber on the spot that day was 27205 yuan per ton, while the high price of 27360 in 809 contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange seems to support the bullish sentiment of Shanghai rubber; However, on the other hand, the crisis of closing positions in the 809 contract, which has always been concerned by everyone, is gradually alleviated. In the early days of the fierce game between the long and short sides, the positions of the Shanghai Jiao 0809 contract have continued to decline in recent days, and the actions of both sides are relatively calm. On the Thursday before the delivery month, the positions of the Shanghai Jiao 0809 contract have been reduced to 34508 hands, which is a sharp reduction in the pressure of closing positions compared with the more than 40000 tons of warehouse receipts registered last weekend; At the same time, the external environment of Tianjiao is still favorable for bears. Recently, the weather conditions in the main production areas of Tianjiao in Southeast Asia are relatively good, and there is no obvious sign of strength in the prices of major spot markets. Affected by the continuous strengthening of the US dollar and the decline of crude oil, the Japanese rubber market lacks an obvious buying tendency; In addition, according to the National Bureau of statistics, the import of natural rubber in July was 128646 tons, down 13% year-on-year, while the tire and automobile production in July fell sharply year-on-year, indicating that the domestic consumption prospect of natural rubber is not very optimistic

since August 19, the HJ 811 contract has accelerated the pace of building an international first-rate new material technology city and rebounded daily, with an increase of nearly 2200 points. The early oversold index has been repaired, and the big downward trend has not been fundamentally changed. It is suggested to maintain the idea of selling high and short positions, and stop short positions for 6 Overall dimension (length × wide × Height) 750 × four hundred × 1000 (mm) damage can be set around 23800

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