Three magic weapons for small bathroom decoration

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Although the bathroom occupies a small area, it is a place that people use every day, which is closely related to people's daily life. The bathroom space of small houses is about 3-5 square meters. Considering the overall effect, we should pay attention to both practicality and beauty. We must pay attention to the overall layout, color matching, etc., and make a reasonable distinction between washing, bathing, and makeup. Watch the little editor teach you how to create an extremely small bathroom, so that you can have a relaxed and comfortable mood at home

part 1: reasonable layout design of small space bathroom

for small family toilets, the key is to make smart use of limited space, “ Three big pieces ” It is essential for bathroom decoration, including washbasin, toilet and shower area. Generally, the most ideal layout is that the washstand faces the toilet door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower room is set at the innermost end, which is the most scientific in terms of use, function and beauty

① arc shower room saves more space

Deli · Seiko shower room sliding door customization j3201 (click the picture to learn about the product details)

editor's comment: for the bathroom with a small area, the shower room is more suitable than the bathtub. The choice of shower room is also closely related to the use of space. Relatively speaking, the arc-shaped shower room saves space because of its shape

② the bathroom cabinet is best suspended

Faenza bathroom solid wood bathroom cabinet fpgm4667b (click the picture to learn about the product details)

editor's comment: in the bathroom, there will inevitably be water accumulation. If the bathroom cabinet is suspended on the wall and separated from the ground, it can not only clean the ground without dead corners, but also do not worry about the humidity of the bathroom cabinet, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

③ choose a washbasin of appropriate size

Kohler bathroom Jose fashion washbasin k-14800t (click the picture to learn about the product details)

editor's comment: the washbasin is the main body of the bathroom, and the size of the washbasin must take into account the future activity space in and out of the bathroom





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