Figure 10 diatom mud creates a breathing wall

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Wall decoration is a major focus of home decoration. After careful decoration, the indoor style will take on a new look. However, if the selection of materials is not well controlled, the toxic substances released by materials will endanger the health of family members for a long time. With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing a higher quality of life, and the environmental protection of home decoration materials has naturally become the preferred factor. In recent years, a new type of environmental protection material for wall beautification has quickly swept the market and is widely used in indoor, kindergarten, high-end apartment and other places, which is diatom mud.   “ Diatom ” It is a kind of algae that lives in the ocean. After sedimentation in the ocean, this kind of algae forms a kind of biological sedimentary rock, called diatom mineral, which is the main component of diatom mud. The main component of diatom mud is protein, which is light, soft and porous. It has environmental protection effects such as purifying air, reducing noise, releasing negative oxygen ions, adjusting indoor humidity, moisture and mildew prevention. At the same time, because of the muddy characteristics of diatom mud, it has rich expressiveness. You can match colors and design patterns at will according to your personal preferences, and the decorative style is variable. In the process of applying diatom mud, you will feel as if you were pinching mud as a child. Therefore, in order to miss this beautiful memory, some people often set aside a special area on the wall to accumulate several layers of mud, and then let their families leave their fingerprints on it to make hand models




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