At the moment of glory, Yige cloud wooden door won

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On December 1, 2017, the list of "2017 top ten Chinese wooden door brands" jointly organized by China wooden door network and China door industry special issue was released

Yige cloud wooden door won the "top ten leading brands of Chinese wooden doors in 2017"

the activity aims to "guide brand consumption and create an honest brand", which provides consumers and dealers with the basis for brand selection. At the same time, it also attracted widespread social attention. It not only led the development direction of the wooden door industry, but also promoted the rapid development of more wooden door enterprises, and provided a platform for many wooden door enterprises to fully display their strength

I hope that with art, your winter will no longer be cold, and your world will no longer be noisy

one faith, one factory, one ingenuity, one door, from the beginning to the end, do a good job of the door, my "door" has never changed

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