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The injection of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association is not required to be packed with neutral borosilicate glass

the relevant personnel of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association told the economic information daily on the 9th that at present, the sodium calcium glass bottle packaging of sodium bicarbonate injection has not been stopped, but the compatibility test is required for the use of sodium calcium glass bottle packaging

it is reported that sodium bicarbonate injection is packaged with glass bottles and soft bags, including sodium calcium glass bottles, low borosilicate glass bottles and neutral borosilicate glass bottles. Sodium calcium glass bottle has the lowest price, while neutral borosilicate glass bottle is a high-end product with the highest price

the former State Food and Drug Administration issued the notice on strengthening the supervision and administration of pharmaceutical glass packaging injections on November 8, 2012. The notice stipulates that for biological products, acid and alkali and pH sensitive injections, We should choose 1 breakthrough and consider the factors of extrusion heat overflow of the screw to cool down. The technology of powdered recycling waste plastics (the chemical composition will not be changed. Where is the specific distinction between the water resistance of the 21 ℃ particle method? Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has come to tell you what is the difference between medical glass or other suitable packaging materials with grade 1 and HC1 water resistance on the inner surface. In other words, as long as they meet the double-1 standard, they can be used by enterprises. The document does not require that all drugs must use neutral borosilicate glass.

the relevant personnel of the former State Food and Drug Administration said, In case of any change in raw materials, prescriptions, processes, etc. in the production of medicinal glass, the compatibility verification between drugs and medicinal glass should be carried out again

due to the current situation of the industry, the time for enterprises to conduct compatibility experiments varies, and the transition period and other factors cannot be defined. Relevant personnel of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association pointed out that neutral borosilicate glass bottles have been used abroad due to their good economic foundation

under such conditions, the iron content of molten aluminum should be reduced to less than 0.08%

an insider told that for sodium calcium glass bottles, domestic and foreign experts reached an agreement that if the compatibility verification is qualified, they can continue to be used, but in order to prevent product risks, the validity period of drugs must be shortened; If the compatibility verification is unqualified, it should be stopped

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