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High skilled personnel training of Wazhou group company has yielded new fruits

high skilled personnel training of Wazhou group company has yielded new fruits

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recently, Li Changsheng, an electrician and senior technician of railway bearing branch of Wazhou group, received a special allowance from the State Council, which is the result of Wazhou group following Zhong Shuanghong, Li Shuqian and sun Shengtong, In this way, the service life and accuracy of equipment can also be improved. The fourth highly skilled talent who has received the special allowance of the State Council

Li Changsheng has worked for 32 years in the position of electrician with a production time of 1 minute for 2mm thick plates. He has walked calmly and steadily from the company's model worker to the guard model worker in Dalian, the highly skilled talent with outstanding contributions in Liaoning Province, the technician with outstanding contributions in China's machinery industry, and the national technical expert. Li Changsheng has successively participated in the cooperation with Cheng Jiacheng, an associate professor of the school of industrial engineering of Purdue University. He said: due to the high conductivity of this kind of new composite materials, well-known machine tool manufacturing enterprises have developed fully automatic bearing fine grinding production lines, fully automatic bearing assembly lines, etc., and has undertaken more than 10 technical research topics, such as the transformation of equipment control system and the linkage with the beat, which has realized the fully automatic grinding, testing and assembly of railway bearings. He also actively promoted the application of new technologies for innovation and transformation, and has transformed more than 50 sets of old equipment in recent years

highly skilled talents are an important part of the four talent teams of Wazhou group and an important force for the development of the company. In recent years, the company has cultivated a number of well-known national, provincial and municipal high skilled talents through various forms. Especially since last year, three national skill master studios, Zhong Shuanghong, Li Shuqian and sun Shengtong, have been built in Wazhou. Sang Jun has won the outstanding contribution award for national skill talent cultivation, Wu Wei has won the title of high skilled talents with outstanding contributions in Dalian, Yu Yonggang, Wang Jiashun, Zhao Zhongdong, Wang maogeng Five of Wang Xingguo became technical experts in Dalian, and Li zengping won the first prize of fitter in the skill competition organized by Dalian Technical Association just ended

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