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New achievements have been made in the research of epoxy modified fluororesin coating

new achievements have been made in the research of epoxy modified fluororesin coating

July 7, 2005

recent industry research shows that the adhesion of fluororesin on the surface of metal substrate can be greatly improved by modifying fluororesin with epoxy resin, and the mechanical properties and organic solvent resistance of modified fluororesin coating have been significantly improved

fluoropolymers have excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, so foreign countries have paid great attention to the development of fluororesin coatings. With the development of fluorine-containing monomer varieties, lotion fluororesin coatings have been used in the protection and decoration of buildings, especially due to the non adhesion and self-cleaning performance of the surface of fluororesin coatings, and recently used as maintenance free exterior wall coatings of high-rise buildings, which has broad application prospects. However, experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that it also has shortcomings, so the research on the modification of fluororesin coatings has been paid more and more attention. The epoxy modified fluororesin coating developed by the Institute of new technology of Wuhan University uses vinylidene fluoride tetrafluoroethylene hexafluoropropylene copolymer (commonly known as fluororesin 246) as the experimental raw material, and is modified with epoxy resin, which improves the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating, and the conductivity and permeability of B and t ports

according to the communication speed expert of China epoxy resin industry association, they dissolved fluororesin 246 in the mixed solvent of ketone and ester in an appropriate proportion in their research. After being fully dissolved, they mixed it with epoxy resin 3# and epoxy curing agent P in different proportions to make samples respectively, and tested the physical and mechanical properties such as adhesion and corrosion resistance with conventional methods; Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra were measured with Nicolet impact 420 infrared instrument. Epoxy resin modified fluororesin 246 in 20 ml (10 wt%) of fluororesin 246 solution, different amounts of epoxy resin 3# solution (10 wt%) and curing agent P were added, and it was found that the adhesion of the film was significantly improved. The material has good adhesion and can be used as a practical coating. The reason may be that epoxy reacts with curing agent or epoxy/polyester/curing agent to form a cross-linked polymer complex, while fluoropolymer macromolecules can entangle the mechanical and hydraulic complex, which is generally low-frequency, forming a complex structure similar to semi interpenetrating polymer, thus greatly improving its adhesion to the substrate

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