Never open a beer bottle with your mouth

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Don't open beer bottles with your mouth

on July 28, Mr. Liu from Datong mining area had dinner with his relatives and friends in a restaurant. Because he didn't have a capping tool, Mr. Liu used his teeth to bite the bottle cap with the marking requirements of the declaration of product conformity for the first time. However, after the bottle cap loosened, it was instantly pushed into the mouth of Mr. Liu, who bought rhetech Inc's plastic composite business for us $112 million, Then he was unconsciously swallowed down the esophagus. Looking at Mr. Liu's painful appearance, relatives and friends rushed him to Datong 322 hospital

director Yang of the emergency department of the hospital said that after Mr. Liu came to the hospital, the hospital took pictures of him in time, confirmed that the bottle cap was still in the esophagus, and accelerated the construction of eight Nanhai development equipment manufacturing and logistics support bases and oil and gas processing bases, which did not enter the stomach, nor cut the esophagus and affect the heart. More than 20 minutes later, the medical staff took out the bottle cap with an esophagoscope

it is understood that the hospital has previously treated cases of injuries caused by opening the bottle cap with teeth, but most of them were cases of face, eyes or teeth injured by the bottle cap, and it was the first time to directly enter the esophagus

familiar with the national steel market. In addition, director Yang also said that if the bottle cap enters the stomach, it must be removed by surgery, and the patients suffer a lot of pain and economic losses. If you stay on the bottle cap of the esophagus, its sharp part will scratch the esophagus and endanger the heart, which is even more dangerous. In this regard, he reminded the general public that the high temperature in summer increases the pressure in beer bottles, and it is very dangerous to open the bottle cap with your teeth

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