New 15L cartons and containers developed by Tetra

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Tetra Pak has newly developed a 1.5L carton packaging container

recently Tetra Pak installed slimcap on its packaging brand Tetra Brik sterile bag. This 1.5L carton with Tetra Pak (Sweden) lid can be used to pack iced tea, wine, condensed fruit juice, etc. Tetra Pak is a large multinational company that produces packaging machinery and packaging materials for liquid foods such as beverages. Its products are sold to 165 countries and regions

"Niu Zhijing, chief marketing officer of cainiaolo Technology Co., Ltd., said that

this kind of container can be resealed after being opened, and there will be no leakage when it is placed horizontally. The consumer can open the box after unscrewing the cover and then pulling the plastic ring. Its features include:

- convenient for consumers to use and carry

- automatic production process to ensure health and safety

- convenient transportation and carrying

- low cost and high efficiency

- cooperate with a variety of covers (including disposable covers, multiple switch covers, reusable covers, etc.) to form a variety of opening methods. 2. When operating the handheld spectrometer

- a very efficient rolling paper feeding and filling form. The electromechanical used by professional equipment are exchange servo speed regulation systems

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