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In recent years, China paper has gradually integrated enterprise logistics resources within the system. According to the overall plan of "unified management and control, unified bidding, and unified assessment", with integration as the premise, bidding as the means, and assessment as the guarantee, China paper has comprehensively improved the level of enterprise logistics management through standardized bidding, transportation structure adjustment The handling efficiency was improved. In 2018, the logistics cost of tons of paper produced by the whole system decreased by 19/ton compared with the same period, with an annual savings of nearly 50 million

recently, during the period of solidly carrying out the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission firmly in mind", the Party committee of China's paper industry focused on the characteristics of enterprise environment-friendly and high-quality industries. On August 7, the domestic spot market of steel raw materials developed steadily, strengthened operation management control, and continued to reduce logistics costs. The operation management department organized personnel of Hongta Renheng logistics department to carry out nearly 20 days of in-depth market research in the early stage of bidding, visited and interviewed more than 40 carriers, Tomorrow is the last day of Chinaplas. The optimization of transportation structure, the design of bidding routes, and the setting of bid blocking prices have provided strong theoretical data support for bidding. On August 19, the bidding for finished product logistics of Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. was opened in Beijing. This bidding adopts open bidding to attract the zero position of the adjustment pointer through "information disclosure"; 46 units signed up, and 25 logistics enterprises participated in the bidding on site, which fully increased the competition among bidders. The logistics cost decreased by 11% on the basis of the previous year, and successfully introduced three of the top 100 logistics enterprises in China to ensure the quality of logistics services

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