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Netzsch helped the rapid development of the plastic packaging industry in Russia

Netzsch, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision injection molding machines, entered the Russian market in 2008 and set up sales offices and service centers in the region. Since then, Netzsch has expanded its customer base in Russia. In these six years, the company has not only continuously enhanced its own strength, but also effectively led the development of the Russian plastic packaging industry

for many years, Netzsch's specialty manual controlled hydraulic universal experimental machine has been famous for its high quality and low price. Its products have high cost performance and can maximize the benefits for customers. The company is also highly praised by the packaging industry for its honest and trustworthy way of doing business

when talking about the recent development of the company's business in the Russian market, Zachar Antonovsky, Netzsch's Regional Manager in Russia, said proudly: "after six years of development, our plastic machinery has a wide demand in the Russian market, especially its beverage packaging, plastic bottle caps and thin-wall packaging market. It is no exaggeration to say that Netzsch plastic machinery has established its leading position in these three markets."

at present, Netzsch has three main machine production lines in Russia, namely PET production line, EVOS production line and elion production line. Among them, PET production line is mainly responsible for providing PET bottle embryo production machines for plastic packaging, especially beverage packaging market, while EVOS and elion series injection molding machines are ideal machines for thin-wall packaging and plastic bottle cap production

Netzsch said that its pet2400 and pet4000 series machines just landed in the Russian market last year, but they have created excellent sales performance. It is reported that the reason why these plastic machines have become popular in the market is that they can help pet manufacturers save production costs to the greatest extent and improve product quality at the same time

for the future development trend, Netzsch believes that the Russian injection molding machine market has great development potential. Therefore, the company will continue to expand its extruded polystyrene board production enterprises, which should be realistic in the market share in the region, and expand production capacity, so as to better meet the growing local market demand. In order to further understand the specific needs of our customers and realize the localized production of products, Netzsch will also participate in the last point of Moscow International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition held in Russia on January to expand the use of 3D printing technology in medical diagnosis, rapid manufacturing, precision casting and other fields

Netzsch headquarters is located in Graus, Switzerland, covering a total area of 72000 square meters. For many years, the company has been focusing on the production of precision injection molding machines and PET bottle blowing machines at all levels, and has always been in a leading position in the injection molding industry. In addition, Netzsch also has production advantages in the fields of medicine, electronics and appliances, automobiles and thin-wall packaging

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