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Network technology of Intelligent Community

the core of intelligent community is network. In the network society marked by ".Com", broadband has become a representative sign of the degree of intelligence of a community. At present, broadband channels mainly have two ways: one is generic cabling, that is, set up a local area in the community, which is directly connected to the Internet through the urban trunk; the other is the transformation of the existing cable laid for cable TV in the family, and the current cable TV cable one-way channel needs to be changed to two-way interaction (HFC). With these two methods, we can achieve "difficult actions" such as live TV programs and downloading movies. However, due to various reasons, it is impossible for cable TV to popularize the connection with the Internet at present, so most new residential areas have adopted generic cabling system to lay broadband. However, it is difficult to predict which of HFC and generic cabling will develop faster in the future

the information communication service function of the intelligent community should ensure that the residents of the community have connectivity and a variety of access services; In addition to allowing residents living in the new community to deeply experience the huge difference between using broadband channels and using them, each interface on the machine is corresponding. It can also connect the computers of each household in the community with the property management center to realize the new property management. It can also connect to the Internet through ADSL high-speed special line, so that residents in the community can truly realize education, shopping, ip/tv, multimedia entertainment, trading Payment, VOD and home office can also realize the remote control of household appliances and various applications such as one card, visual intercom, three meter automatic meter reading, anti-theft/fire monitoring, parking lot management, etc

community information network system

community so that consumers can choose ideal products. The general goal and planning of information network system construction

(1) build a community network system to provide the community with information infrastructure and operating environment for public equipment management, property management, housing intelligent management and security system

(2) the more advanced Gigabit Ethernet/atm network technology can be selected for the network backbone to meet the bandwidth requirements of current and future applications. Provide 10/100mbps exclusive bandwidth to households

(3) connect to the Internet through the network center to meet the pursuit of residents in the community to obtain rich information

1 generally within the range of 235 ℃

(4) provide point-to-point protocol (PPP) access services to facilitate the communication or service between residents far away from home and the community

(5) establish a basic computer network application environment focusing on information exchange, information release and query application, so as to provide advanced support means to meet the information exchange between households and the management of property companies

(6) establish a network center in the property management office to realize network operation center (NOC) and Network Information Center (NIC)

(7) establish community operation center and property management system, and implement effective community management, property management, security management, billing management, etc

overall structure of the community network system

(1) the backbone of the community backbone community network system is the artery of data and information flow, and it also undertakes the general scheduling task of information flow. Gigabit switches can be used to form the core network switching backbone. From the perspective of function, the backbone includes four aspects:

A: providing high-speed routing for interconnection between subsystems and realizing core high-speed routing exchange

b: connect to fully shared high-performance servers, such as VOD and Intranet servers

c: realize full system management and safety management

d: realize the connection of international Internet and dial-up access

(2) remote access - provide dial-up access function, so that remote residents can also access the community network system. The remote workstation is accessed through dial-up and adopts point-to-point protocol

(3) Internet access -- realize the interconnection between community networks and other networks, and expand the scope of information exchange to the whole Internet

(4) - the network of the community not only provides services for users, but also connects public equipment management, house intelligent management and security system, so it can be logically divided into these four sub areas

(5) working group - individuals or groups of individuals connected under each sub group form a working group. The workgroup level switch is used as the underlying network switch

intelligent community communication network platform scheme

considering all factors, the broadband communication network platform of intelligent community can adopt Ethernet or HFC, or a combination of the two

a large community should adopt a network system with switches at all levels as the core

the whole community is divided into several areas, and each area has a regional center to manage several similar buildings

this scheme uses Gigabit Ethernet as the local backbone, and sets up a Gigabit Ethernet core switch in the system center, which largely determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber. Set up a working group switch in each regional center, and each working group switch is equipped with a 100m FX upper port, which is connected with the core switch through optical fiber to form the Gigabit Ethernet backbone of the intelligent community. In each area, a 100/10 m switching hub is set in the equipment room of each building. The switching hub is connected with the workgroup switch through the 100m TX uplink port through the category 5 twisted pair, and can also be connected through the 100m FX port through the optical fiber as needed. In the building, the switching hub is connected to the user's computer through the class 5 generic cabling in the building through the 10m TX port. In this way, a transmission rate of up to 1000m can be provided between the core switch and the workgroup switch. The workgroup switch provides a transmission rate of 100m to each building, and each end user can enjoy an exclusive communication bandwidth of 10m

in addition to the network core switch, the community management center also includes network communication equipment such as routers connected to the wide area, various servers, management workstations, etc. The local area of the cell is connected to the Internet through DDN dedicated line or ADSL. In the future, it can also be connected to the Internet through 155atm or Gigabit IP Metropolitan Ethernet to improve the cell access bandwidth

small and medium-sized residential areas realize the above scheme through cell local area

residential areas with a small scale should establish cell local area, which has two functions: first, small

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