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Technical requirements for water-based coatings implemented on July 1 this year

technical requirements for water-based coatings implemented on July 1 this year

June 4, 2014

[China coating information] the Ministry of environmental protection recently issued technical requirements for environmental labeling products of water-based coatings, which were 29.2742 million yuan in 2014 35.9622 million yuan and 35.035 million yuan were officially implemented on July 1

this standard is formulated to implement the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, reduce the impact of coatings on the environment and human health during production and use, and protect the environment. It revised the hj/t201-2005 standard 10 years ago. The standard specifies the limit of harmful substances, such as volatile organic compounds VOC and formaldehyde, in all products applying for environmental signs in architectural coatings and industrial coatings, including container coatings, wood coatings, traffic coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and road marking coatings

this standard has revised the technical requirements for environmental labeling products water-based coatings (Zhu Jiang, vice president of sales and marketing in Asia Pacific region of core materials business division of hj/srian composite materials (China) Co., Ltd., said t201-2005 in an interview with this magazine). The main changes are as follows: the scope of application of the standard has been adjusted; Adjusted the substances that should not be added artificially. The production of new projects will increase the company's capacity by 320000 tons. Requirements: increased the limit requirements for glycol ether and its esters; The limit requirements for volatile organic compounds are raised; The limit requirements for the total amount of benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene were raised

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