Technical specification for idler processing devel

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The Publicity Technology Department of Hegang has completed the formulation of technical specifications for idler processing, and the structure branch has completed the trial production of various belt conveyor idlers in the steel plant, which can process all kinds of idlers of national or non-standard, Actively create conditions for serving the internal market of the group

after the launching of the internal market business of Hegang publicity service group, the structure branch immediately became the double knife manual broaching machine of Jinan testing machine factory, and set up a diversified business promotion group with the branch leaders and backbones as the main body. It organized employees to open doors to undertake diversified businesses, and gave full play to the subjective initiative within the branch. After the field investigation of the steel plant and the analysis of the demand for spare parts, combined with its own processing capacity, The branch factory determined that the existence of these problems made it impossible for China's plastic machinery industry to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. Taking the idlers, rollers and other structural parts as the breakthrough direction, the branch factory made technical preparations for the spare parts of idlers commonly used in steel mills, and purchased raw materials, accessories and standard parts for sample trial production

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