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Technical specifications for geothermal regeneration construction of asphalt pavement edited by "highway doctor" was officially published

"technical specifications for geothermal regeneration construction of asphalt pavement" edited by "highway doctor" was officially published

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recently, Jiangsu provincial local standard, technical specifications for geothermal regeneration construction of asphalt pavement, drafted and edited by Jiangsu Department of transportation and "highway doctor" Yingda, was officially published. Inda once again acts as the leading developer of technical standards in the field of geothermal regeneration

up to now, Yingda Technology Group has drafted and edited five industry standards, including two national standards

standard drafting units: Yingda thermal recycling Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Expressway Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd., Southeast University, Jiangsu Modern Road and Bridge Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Modern Engineering Testing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu asphalt pavement thermal recycling engineering technology research center, Tongji Yingda road recycling engineering technology research center

main drafters of the standard: shiweibin, zhangyifu, jiangruiling, zhaoyongli, wuzanping, Leitao, Dai Lili, Ma Tao, lushihe, yangpanpan, zhangsuqing, Lian Hui, Zhu Wei, zhujianhua, long Jun, Chen Min, Li Yan, huangxiaoming, shezhaoyu, Chen Shi, songjiangchun, Fushi, menglingguo, Zhu Zhengyan, Li introduced the following methods: after drying, weigh Xiangyang, yangxiaoqian, Ji Mingxing, Hu Jian, duanbaodong

is the chief editor standard of "the first technology strong province"

in recent years, the geothermal regeneration technology of asphalt pavement has become the mainstream process of road maintenance. Because of its remarkable advantages in environmental protection and high quality, it is favored by Jiangsu Province, which has won the title of national inspection for two consecutive times, and has become the most important maintenance technology

more than 20 expressways and national and provincial trunk lines in Jiangsu Province have been maintained by Yingda thermal regeneration process for many years: Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Guangjing Xicheng Expressway, Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang expressway, fenguan expressway, in addition, Su Huai Yan expressway, Xi Yi Expressway, Su Jia hang expressway, Suzhou ring expressway, Nanjing Airport Expressway, Runyang Bridge, G205, G312, S001, s239, s322, s323, s324, s328 S340...... Zhiren company took the lead in launching non oxidizing color mirror aluminum plate in China. According to statistics, since 2002, 1000km of geothermal regeneration construction has been completed for Jiangsu Expressway, of which the longest recycled pavement has been used for 8 years; The engineering quantity is increasing year by year. At present, the engineering quantity of geothermal regeneration is about 150km/year. Geothermal regeneration technology has been widely used and experienced in Jiangsu highway system, and has developed into a complete system

the birth of the technical specification for geothermal regeneration construction of asphalt pavement edited by Inda fills the industry gap in the local standard for geothermal regeneration of highway system, and clearly stipulates that the asphalt pavement provides the performance surface of similar metals with a slight weight. The geothermal regeneration mix design, construction technology and acceptance standard will improve the level and quality of geothermal regeneration construction of asphalt pavement in Jiangsu highway system and promote the improvement of its maintenance level, Play an active role. At the same time, it will also provide demonstration guidance for the standardization and normalization of provincial trunk line maintenance in China, and promote industrial development and upgrading

edit five standards

standards are the necessary guarantee for the healthy and orderly development of the industry. p>

"those who get the standards win the world. Third rate enterprises make products, second rate enterprises make brands, and first-rate enterprises make standards." It has become the consensus of the market

Yingda has been a pioneer for more than 20 years. It has always adhered to independent innovation, led the technical development direction of material recycling in the road maintenance industry, firmly grasped the pulse of the development of the national road maintenance industry, and gained the right to formulate standards and speak in the industry

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