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On August 3, the special working meeting on coating of technical specification for glass film application was held in Yantai Jinghai hotel. This standard discussion meeting was hosted by China Academy of Building Sciences and undertaken by Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd. Experts from relevant departments of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, relevant experts and professors from China Academy of Building Sciences and the building energy efficiency research center of South China University of technology, as well as several glass coating representative enterprises attended the standard discussion meeting

Figure 1: scene of coating special meeting

the purpose of this standard special working meeting is to formulate technical regulations for the use of glass coating in 3D printing according to the development of glass coating technology in China and the current status of design, process, construction, quality inspection and other aspects. At the beginning of the meeting, qiaoyaling, Minister of China building materials inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd., first introduced the industry status of the new product - glass coating technology that has appeared in China in recent years. Mr. Qiao analyzed the development history, specific technology and industry development in China of coating products from a professional and objective point of view, and pointed out the importance of norms and standards for the development of this emerging industry

professor mengqinglin, building energy efficiency research center of South China University of technology and State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science, also introduced the domestic and international development of coating film, on-site testing methods and instruments of coating film, experimental data and construction technology research to the participants

Figure 2: Professor Meng's speech

three representative enterprises in the glass coating industry made an introduction to the enterprise technology and application. Dr. Li Ning, technical director of Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the application and development of nano coating technology in enterprises. Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in nano coating research. In recent years, the company has continuously developed and innovated, successfully developed two kinds of nano energy-saving sunscreen glass coatings, water-based and alcohol-based, which can meet a variety of market needs, and developed two product series, namely, ecological nano liquid crystal film for building and ecological nano liquid crystal film for automobile, which have been unanimously recognized by the domestic and international markets

Figure 3: Dr. Li of our company is making a company and product introduction

all the participants had a full and enthusiastic discussion on the details of the standard - materials, design, construction technology and acceptance rules. From the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, the representatives seriously and carefully raised questions from various angles, and discussed the specific index measurement and standard setting of the coating industry

Figure 4: participants had a heated discussion

finally, the participants visited Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd. and expressed high affirmation and appreciation for Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd.'s insistence on independent R & D and innovation, as well as the stable ranking of Jialong nano's products in the domestic and international markets

the glass coating industry is an important part of the glass film industry. In the future, the glass coating industry will have a very broad development prospect. Biodegradable plastics are mostly high molecular materials containing ester bonds, especially water-based films, which are more conducive to the development of the national energy-saving glass industry and more environmentally friendly. The technical specifications for the application of glass coatings have also attracted much attention from the market. The holding of the special working conference on coating will further promote the smooth preparation of the technical specification for glass film application, and will also promote the development of the whole industry

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