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As we all know, different environments bring different moods to people. For children, the influence of the atmosphere is not only emotional, but also related to their growth quality. So, how should kindergarten interior design be better? Now let's learn from Xiaobian

1. Pay attention to color matching skills

all the time, in all early teaching, the guidance of color cognition has been put in the first place, because for children, color is the first and most impressive part, and their sensitivity to color is far stronger than that of adults. In addition, a number of psychological studies have found that more colorful colors give children a particularly strong feeling. Therefore, when carrying out kindergarten interior design, special attention should be paid to the use of colors that are conducive to guiding children's psychological growth in the direction of health, such as bright and positive orange, sky blue, happy pink, etc. can play a better role in positively infecting children's emotions, while gray Dark colors such as black will not only make adults feel depressed, but also easily have a negative impact on children. Therefore, it is suggested that kindergartens, schools and even homes should try to pay attention to soft and natural color matching

2. Wall design principle

a, full of attraction

whether at home or in kindergarten, it is the area where children see most frequently. Therefore, in the process of kindergarten interior design, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics suitable for children to live for a long time or learn to play. It is a good method to draw cartoons that are eye-catching and interesting and can show the founding concept

b, full of educational significance

since it is the place where children receive initial education, the educational function of children's thinking and moral character can't be omitted when carrying out wall planning, which will have a subtle impact on their later temperament and personality, so the education of wall patterns or words is also an important part of kindergarten interior design

c, follow creativity

if children slowly rise in the morning, everything is unknown and fresh in front of them. At the same time, because this age is in the stage of rising curiosity, it is also the most imaginative. Based on this, our kindergarten interior design should also follow the creative principle, fully cater to them, and make children's kindergarten life happy and interesting

conclusion: after the explanation of this article, I believe you have roughly understood the impact of kindergarten interior design on children. Therefore, I hope that when choosing kindergartens for children, in addition to understanding the quality of teachers, the kindergarten environment is also an important part of the investigation




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