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It was clearly said that 3000 yuan for hydropower transformation came down, and finally I was asked to pay another 4000 yuan, a total of 7000 yuan! I asked what happened, and they said it was because I added more construction content, which was my own responsibility. Recently, Ms. Wang complained. I think it's because I don't know about decoration, so I was fooled by them. Now the contract has been signed in black and white. There's no way. Next time I sign the contract, I need to read it carefully and be more authentic

for so many first-time decoration owners, it is really impossible to sign decoration contracts. To this end, the reporter interviewed song Haijun, manager of the Engineering Department of Beijing zimingdu decoration Changchun Branch (Changchun decoration company zimingdu), and asked him to guide what should be paid attention to when signing the decoration contract

◆ the decoration effect depends on the design drawing of Light Industry auxiliary materials for reference only.

before signing the contract, the first thing is to confirm the design. For the effect drawing designed by the designer, more attention should be paid to the decoration part of Light Industry auxiliary materials, such as what shapes are made for the background wall, what shapes are made for the ceiling, what color is finally set for the wall coating, what kind of mosaic is selected for the tiles, what material and style of gypsum line, downlight The effect of the light band, etc., rather than the overall effect with furniture and some soft decoration

the owner can indicate in the contract that the construction team is required to construct in strict accordance with the approved drawings. If the details and dimensions are different from the design drawings, the owner can require the construction team to rework and agree on who will bear the cost of rework

◆ the budget content should be carefully considered to avoid adding money to the late gifts

at present, there are many phenomena of adding construction projects in the decoration process. Some decoration companies began to deliberately make the quotation very low, and then gradually increased after the commencement, making the final total decoration price far exceed the initial quotation

the industry must carefully and thoroughly communicate with the designer about the budget content in the contract, such as whether the water and electricity transformation part is accessible from the pipeline well to the indoor, and the electrical transformation part explains what kind of electrical appliances to use and the placement of electrical appliances, so as to make the budget as close as possible to the actual amount, so as to avoid late gifts. At the same time, the project owner in the contract budget column must look carefully, such as what the carpenter is responsible for, and whether to include the door that needs to be repaired in addition to the ceiling and shape, so as to avoid missing items. Finally, the budget should be optimistic about the contents of the remarks column. Whether there is any objection to the contents of the remarks needs to be reconfirmed

therefore, when signing the contract, it should clearly point out the increase and decrease project costs that should be paid by the consumer. If there is no signature for approval, there is no need to pay the corresponding fees

◆ the decoration contract must be carefully read

because before signing the contract, there is no requirement for the decoration company to complete the project, many owners have experienced the pain of being delayed by the decoration company. Therefore, the exact completion date must be agreed with the decoration company when signing the contract. Generally, if a 100 square meter room is simply decorated, the construction period is about 40 days. In order to deal with some emergencies, the decoration company will generally agree on the construction period of about 50 days. If consumers are in a hurry to move in, they can discuss this clause with the decoration company

there are always many accidents in the decoration process, such as the construction personnel accidentally damaged the external wall of the building. Once these problems are found by the property, they should be compensated. Before signing the contract, we must make clear who should bear such liability

similarly, other similar compensation liabilities include industrial injury compensation, fire compensation, flood compensation, etc. For these situations that may occur in the construction, it is necessary to indicate in the contract in advance how to allocate the compensation liability. Consumers should also note that they cannot sign an entrustment contract with the construction personnel, otherwise, once a construction accident occurs, the consumer, as the principal, will also bear the corresponding responsibility

project subcontracting refers to that the contractor subcontracts the client's project or a link of the project to others for construction, and even implements layer by layer subcontracting, so that the project quality will be unsupervised. Once there are problems in the project, the contractor and the construction party often shirk their responsibilities to each other, and it is the consumers who suffer in the end. Therefore, we must be careful when signing the contract, and clarify the construction team leader or project manager and other responsible persons





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