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On July 29, master Xia came to Xingyuan Oasis Community, Jinniu District, Chengdu to decorate a household. When he was driving to leave, he saw several big dogs, so he stopped first and let the dogs go first. But he didn't expect that after driving more than ten meters, he suddenly heard a dog barking under the wheel. He realized that he might have run over a dog

just as he was getting ready to get out of the car to check the situation, the dog owner rushed up to him excitedly, first kicked master Xia's door violently, then pulled master Xia down, and strangled master Xia's neck with the dog chain in his hand

then, the dog owner dragged master Xia to the dog that was crushed to death, kicked master Xia's knee hard, and forced master Xia to kneel down for the dog

in the process of being beaten, master Xia learned that the dog he ran over to death was a Jingba, who had been with the dog owner for 13 years

master Xia himself felt uneasy, but the dog owner forced himself to kneel down for his dog, which made master Xia feel that his self-esteem was insulted, so he called the police

half an hour later, the police of the police station rushed to the scene and took them back to the Shahe police station for filing. But in the face of master Xia's statement, the dog owner's wife did not agree. She thought her husband didn't beat master Xia

later, the reporter found the eyewitness at that time. According to witnesses, the other party's beating of master Xia lasted about 4 minutes, and it was useless for anyone to persuade him

it's understandable to lose his pet dog who has been with him for 13 years, but master Xia said he couldn't tolerate the beating after that. He asked the other party to pay 7000 yuan in economic compensation

then, who should compensate for whose loss if such a thing happens

the lawyer told the reporter that in the case, the dog owner was crushed to death due to the breeding of Jingba dogs. Master Xia and the dog owner should bear part of the responsibility respectively. On the other hand, the dog owner asked master Xia to kneel down and beat the dog, which constituted a crime of insult and would face punishment

at present, shaheyuan police station is coordinating and handling this matter




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