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The house decoration design has different styles. The design drawing is the first step, and it is even more important, because it needs to be decorated according to the design drawing in the later stage. The observation of the design drawing is very important, because every space of the house should be reasonably used, so pay attention! Now let's learn about the house decoration design drawing

1. See whether the large color matching is pleasing to the eye

there is a common saying in the line: harmony is beauty. First of all, from the first sense. Generally speaking, no matter whether you are an expert or not, you will have your own view and aesthetic outlook

2. Look at the authenticity

many designers will deliberately adjust some sizes to meet their drawing needs when drawing renderings

3. See whether the design meets your own needs

generally, you will have some own needs originally. For example, whether the cabinet you need is available, whether the dining table size planning of the restaurant meets the use requirements, and so on

4. Whether the design is creative

a good designer will always have the finishing touch. In home decoration, how can decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. There are not many design projects, so a couple of pure decoration projects can reflect a lot of things

view skills of decoration design drawings:

1. See the proportion of drawings

in reality, many consumers only like to see the effect drawings, but they often ignore the construction drawings. However, the beautiful shape on the effect drawings, after being made on site, is often far from the design drawings

2. See the size of the drawing clearly

in addition, some design drawings have been omitted in the design because the designer has not made careful and detailed measurements on the site preparing for construction

3. See whether the selection of materials is clear.

most friends often pay attention to the quotation of the decoration company, worried about being cheated, and carefully check one by one. In fact, the name of the main materials and the brand of the materials should also be marked on the design drawings, which is very beneficial for the construction personnel to construct according to the drawings in the future





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